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JasSalehArchitect is a design-led practice that promotes environmental and sustainable design. We are based in a Bandar Puteri studio. The practice was formed by Ar. Jasmi Saleh in 1993 following accumulated design and practice experiences in London, Hull, Leeds and Kuala Lumpur.

The current practice works with various associated professionals on delivering environmentally sustainable design projects in the UK and Malaysia.

We take pride in designing solutions which address our clients' needs. In order to do so we develop a common vision and consensus within our client organisations. Our participatory process generates broad ownership in the project and effective control by the clients' leadership. We strive to break new ground with our clients.


‘Be inventive not reactive’ is our motto. We aspire to question and to push boundaries, to stimulate and to reinterpret in order to establish a brief that is at ease within a broadly considered context. The resulting brief generates a diagrammatic framework, a fine blend of the rational and the abstract to come up with a design. The process is intense, rigorous and robust to inform each stage level of the design down to the last detail and produce a pure, coherent legible product.


The process is almost like the sculpting of objects, appreciating voids, solids and light with concerns for users’ comfort and delight, proven with performance level that has been designed in. We endeavour to achieve the final objective that is a crafted modernism which is unique, special and pleasing.


JasSalehArchitect have a professional and business-like attitude towards management of projects and the provision of architectural services.

The office keeps abreast of current thinking on sustainability, the environment, procurement, legislation and fiscal matters. A program of continuing professional development (CPD) is in place, and the whole office is regularly involved in extra-curricular activities, visiting exhibitions, lectures, trade shows and cultural events.

Ar. Jas Saleh is chartered architect and is a member of the Registration Board (UK), Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) and a registered BRE Environmental Assessment and Management Assessor  in UK (BREEAM).

The studio has full IT facilities including CAD, desktop publishing, 3D visualisation, Sustainability Assessments and Modelling. The aim is to facilitate a project with efficiency and effectiveness.


Delivering quality buildings and places for people:

  1. -Educational Buildings

  2. -Residential development

  3. -Community projects

  4. -Mixed development

  5. -Recreational development

Current projects:

  1. -PPA1M Housing, Bangi

  2. -SPNB Idaman Housing

  3. -Students Hostel, UNISZA